Grow’s Indicaters Of Achievements

Improving Weaknesses into Strengths

1. To diversify resource mobilization methods/models
2. To improve expertise in project management and project management systems
3. To build viable financial reserves
4. To engage HR personnel as per programs need
5. To improve staff benefits
6. To exploit ways to retain strategic relationships
7. To develop adequate management systems


Exploiting Opportunities with Own Strengths

1. To maintain the rapport with stakeholders
2. To diversify grow’s services to the community using the bottom-up service delivery approach
3. To strengthen relationships of structures with line ministries by capacitating existing structures to enhance self-sustainability/reliance
4. To expand/spread into other districts/areas through off ice decentralization
5. To expand services – increase coverage – improve quality of available services


Elimination of Threats

1. To improve GROW resource mobilization by improving staff capacity on resource mobilization
2. To develop clear organization policies and develop and improve organizational management systems
3. To improve staff benefits
4. To implement/adhere to our strategic plan to mitigate strong influence by donors.
5. To build viable financial resources and improve staff benefits.